Do you need that Windows Server in the Office anymore?

If you need to securely sync files to any employee anywhere and in real-time, there is an easier way.

  • Expensive install costs
  • Expensive licenses and support
  • Cannot sync data to external staff
  • Limited control for staff
  • No central management
  • Cannot share files to customers suppliers
  • Admin cannot see how data is shared
  • New hardware required
  • No Team collaboration outside of network
  • Files can only be restored by IT Admin
  • Affordable one-off install charge
  • No license charges ever
  • Sync to any device anywhere
  • Full control for staff
  • Manage over any web browser
  • Simply and secure sharing
  • Full audit of user activity
  • Minimal resources required
  • Team collaboration anywhere and anytime
  • Unlimited version control at user level

Why Not Have Your Own On-Premise Private Cloud?

Your very own On-Premise Private Cloud running within your own network or as a ‘hybrid’ across your existing infrastructure.

A true Private Cloud can only be ‘Private’ if it is running within a network you control, doesn’t share resources with other organisations and is managed behind your own firewall(s).

So why not have your own On-Premise Private Cloud running on your own organisation’s network? It will be 100% secure and will reduce your operating costs. Imagine it, no software, bandwidth or storage charges ever again.

We install on your existing hardware so you can recycle your fixed assets.

Pre-installation call
We will talk with you to ensure your private cloud will fulfil all of your business requirements and to answer all of your questions.
System design
Most of our private clouds follow the same tried and tested architecture and we will use this process to ensure all of your requirements can be achieved.
We can install the Cloud architecture onto CentOS or Windows Server. We will work with your techies to ensure the correct firewall rules and access are set up. Included in the installation is a training session so you can get the most out of the service.
After we have installed your private cloud and your clients are syncing data we will provide training via a shared remote session. This will cover all of the essentials such as ‘best practice’, user creation as well as sharing and collaboration processes.

On-Premise Private Cloud FEATURES

  • Your cloud will be available to all internal staff, mobile staff, home workers and any third party outside of your organisation you want to share sync or collaborate files and folders with.
  • Unlimited on-premise storage free-of-charge.
  • Unlimited devices.
  • Unlimited users.
  • No restriction on bandwidth speed.
  • Total control of where your data is stored. You can operate the cloud from your own site or in a data centre of your choice.
  • 100% secure.

Supported client devices – Windows Server, Windows Desktop, MAC, iPhoneiPad, Android, Ubuntu and general Linux. Any Internet enabled device can connect via their web browser.


Server Installation:
This includes System Design, Installation and training.

Private SSL:
£115 for 3 years (optional)
. This isn’t required for your cloud to operate and we will install a self-signed SSL certificate during the standard installation.


Email support:

Dedicated Support:

Monthly server support – £99 (same day response, email and remote TeamViewer SSH support). Includes all server upgrades.

Monthly server support – £199 (6 hour response, email and remote TeamViewer SSH support). Includes all server upgrades.

Monthly server support – £299 (4 hour response, phone, email, and TeamViewer SSH support). Includes all server upgrades.

Pay As You Go support: £75 per incident (12 hour response, email, and remote TeamViewer SSH support)


More about our Private Cloud

Who can build your On-Premise Private Cloud?
There are numerous self-build cloud applications on the market and with limited knowledge they can be installed and configured by an IT Admin.
By using us, you are removing the hassle of learning a new product and not knowing whether it is secure and reliable.
Why use a cloud at all?
When you add up the costs of maintaining your data integrity, backing-up your critical data and the cost of software licenses for your servers and desktops, the total can be higher than first thought. Include IT Support to make sure it all works and the prospect of renewing your hardware and software every few years, the total cost makes a cloud option a serious consideration. We know a private cloud won’t replace all environments, but it can replace a lot of the expensive and unreliable parts of any corporate network. One of the highlights of a private cloud is that your data is distributed wherever you like. So, if you are concerned the main server will fail, rest assured knowing your data is constantly being distributed to multiple devices on your network. This can be expanded out as far as you like and to offices in other geographical locations.
Need to know more before you commit?
If you want to test the solution in our cloud without risk or cost, you can sign up to a free-for-life 10GB account from our cloud page.Amazon voucher